Business areas


  • NEMEZU – new precious metal-free membrane electrode units for future fuel cells

  • ParsiFAl 4.0 – product-capable autonomous and safe foil systems for automation solutions in Industrie 4.0

  • SeNaTe – seven Nanometer Technology

  • BW-CPS – smart intelligent energy-efficient sensor systems

  • Energy filter – development of large-scale energy filter membrane for single wafer ion implant in silicon carbide

  • C-GaN – complementary GaN Transistors for Logic Devices in High-temperature

  • GaNScan – mapping and modeling of GaN/Si wafers for power electronic applications

  • µHTS-CAN – micro High Troughput Screening Cell Adhesion Noise-(Spectroscopy)

  • MULTI-3D – focus-modulating 3D sensor system

  • Color Eye – high-dynamic color image sensor with new color and corrective algorithms

  • MEMS-DMFC – direct methanol fuel cell based on micro electric mechanical systems

  • innBW implant – chip-in-foil systems for bio-electronic medicine

  • KATMETHAN – catalytic methane synthesis

  • TENECOR – telemetric multimodal neonatal cortexmonitoring

  • SITARA – self-adapting intelligent multi aperture camera modules